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Girls! They have always received the short end of the stick. The relative lack of exposure and of essential resources due to a lower level of access based on gender has caused a significant gap in digital adoption.

Contrary to the world’s view of females in technology, they are an integral part of digitalization and this needs to be made evident. They should be given a safe haven – a place in the world.

Let’s face it. Girls are not safe; the world has become a  cyber-warzone and we need to create a burrow for the defenseless and ammunition for those who dare to fight in it.

We, as a team, have come together to see how this can be made possible. Team Vindicta firmly believes that only by enforcing and setting down some certain ideologies will this goal be possible to achieve.

For girls to be safe, they need knowledge. They need information. As we all know, the way of the world is changing, and drastically, at that. Indeed, from its “analog days” till present, it has caused a series of rapid changes in the scene of the world. And as this constantly happens, our girls seem to be more and more unaware of the recent happenings till a big deal is made of it. It is quite obvious that men are more quick on the uptake than females are.

This needs to change. Information is a key facet that everyone should have access to and be made aware of the need to. They should be enlightened on the ins and outs of the digital world so they are safe in their networking endeavors.

With the right source and a reliable amount of information, girls will be protected from a lot of the stuff they have to deal with. Whoever said, “ Ignorance is bliss” is obviously not a part of our present era nor generation as in today’s world, failure to know causes one to fail.

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Another thing we believe should be implemented is Retribution against companies. Programs used by girls and a major part of the world should do their best to keep up their end of the “Privacy policy.” It is no longer ‘new news’ to learn of girls having their cyberprivacy breached and infringed upon with these hackers taking control of and having access to conversations and other personal information.

Why should it be common news that a person has gotten her account hacked into?! Why should we be okay with losing the sense of personality derived from being able to keep certain sentimental and close information to oneself?!

What’s worse. People can’t even seek any legal action or have the punishments meted out to the wrongdoers unless it is deemed “major“!

Team Vindicta hopes to achieve females having a presence. The main issue lies in the fact that girls have little presence in things pertaining technological advancement, and can thus be easily overlooked. For the girls to be secure in the digital world, they need to have an irrefutable presence.

This can be done through proper acknowledgment of women’s successes and breakthroughs – no matter how seemingly insignificant. The same importance placed on the achievements of males should be attached to that of females.

If they were recognized and their work further developed on, there would be much more successes than is currently available – we can bet it!

To be frank, it is quite appalling to note how much of a warzone the digital world has become and thus, the girls need all the battle power they can get. 

“Digital battlepower.”

Girls get usurped; their theses stolen by “friends” and “associates” who cheat them of it. When they report these situations to the legal authorities, they are overlooked and sometimes even viewed as “incapable of creating such a wonderful piece”, this judgment based solely on their gender.

This is a major discouragement for the majority.

Putting in place the ideas discussed in this article will help to curb the problem of girls being unsafe in this digital world.


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