Digitalization is making use of technological devices to remodel and make the world a better place. Internet security is the practice of preserving and protecting private information and resources on the internet. It helps to create rules and actions against security threats over the internet.

                      Despite the effort made to address the issue of digital security over the past years, young girls and women still face challenges in trying to secure their digital world and are still neglected till date. Insecurity on the internet has grown rampant in the world and is now affecting the internet users. Fraudsters and “yahoo boys” are now seriously taking advantage of young girls and women. Hackers now benefits from females and women through duping them i.e., by blocking or hacking girls’ social media account. Most individuals are unaware or ignorant about the risk of insecurity while using the internet.

                        The first step towards improving security in the digital word is public enlightenment and sensitization. By this, we mean creating awareness about the dangers of unsecured internet spaces. Hackers steal unique information from people’s private life by compiling their passwords and trying it for other people Campaigns could be set up all over the world to enlighten girls to know how to secure unique password and other steps that can be taken to ensure their internet pages are free from cybercrimes. To ensure maximum security of your password, it should be a mixture of upper case, lower case, symbols, numbers and letters. They should also use the authentication techniques, this process involves making a computer user prove who you are i.e., your print finger, bank or identity card, pin or passwords.This will help the public to be aware of risks while using unsecure internet pages and educate them about the effects of using it, it teaches the ignorant about digital education and promote girls’ participation in securing internet spaces. Mass media such as AIT, TVC News BBC, FOX News etc. would engage in making sure that citizens of the world are informed of cyber-crimes and fraudsters.

Safety is a justifiable concern for girls in the world wide web. The digital society reflect the diversity of the physical world, and over the years girls have experience different kinds of abuse, violence and harassment online. Girls should be mindful of friends they make on the internet.Girls should ensure they use the computer’s firewalls so as to prevent malicious programs from getting into your computer and phones which if not taken care of can cause damages. The function of a firewall is to provide a detailed log of incoming and outgoing traffic and also controls this traffic.

 So, it is advisable for people to secure their passwords as best as possible. Also, girls should know what to do and who to contact if anything makes them feel uneasy. parents should monitor their children’s activities especially girls.


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