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A software designed to help Nigerian youths. For years and through time, people have become accustomed to the idea that graduating with full honors does not guarantee one a job. Nor does having practical or theoretical excellence in a major.

And so, a group of youths came together to devise something to help the people around them which is why the star uprising in 2014 took place. Yes, this is why in 2014 Andela came to be. 

Jeremy Johnson, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Nadayar Enegesi, Brice Nkengsa, Ian Carnevale, and Christina Sass.

Six people; one idea; a four-year program with a promise to achieve and a company that has gone from home to away.

With a penchant for occupational excellence, they toiled hard choosing only four out of 700 applicants for their first 4-year program. Records have it that in May 2014, they held a very competitive application for candidates in Lagos state with only four slots which thus led to the aforementioned situation.

It was thrilling, scary and yet a blessed thing for most. More so, those who had the privilege of being selected.

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Also made evident in their diverse ethnical backgrounds is their love for unity and impartiality. The various members of the company hail from different states and nationalities and can thus be referred to as proof in credence to this.

This led the company to expand their horizons going as far as to Egypt. They made changes to their mode of teaching, tenureship and even leadership positions; creating fellowships and alumni which one from the six founders took charge of leading to a “pass of the baton”.

They work mainly on young engineers and have since enabled many Africans to go abroad to further their research. They have provided technologists from broad and diverse nationalities to major companies across the globe; once again provimg their saying of “connecting brilliance with opportunity. 

One would have to note however that despite their noble intentions, they have not always had it easy but with hard work and dedication, they have found funding in various establishments set up to assist in such situations.

One such funding they acquired in 2016 from an establishment set up by the partnership between Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan; The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

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Prior to this, our Wikipedia research material tells us that they got assistance when they initiated a Series A funding and generated the sum of $10,000 to aid operations. Founded in 2005  Spark Capital, “a venture capital firm for early stage funding upstarts” took note of them and led the generation of revenue in tune with many of the Seed investors.

The generation of funds also helped them to become more popular as these initiatives were from top companies and thus brought them to the limelight. They made good use of this coverage and rose far higher than anyone could have imagined in the span of a few years.

This group of people are an example to youths everywhere as their story of perseverance and hope is touching, enlightening and exciting at the same time.

Except that quite recently, Andela let go of 400 “junior developers”. This has led everyone to ask the same question, “WHY?”

There are multiple theories but only one answer and the one who can provide it has not; leaving us blanketed by curiosity just as it did 8 years ago during its major debut.

One thing is certain though, Andela is steady and will never waver. Stampeding rhythmically and in a steadfast manner; stomping obstacles and claiming victories – every bit the Dark Horse is.

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