May 14, 2020

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It is no longer news that technology is gradually taking over the world, countries like the United States, Russia, China etc. are technologically advanced countries. However, some countries are lagging in this technology era. Technology is something that serves us right in our modern age, it is a tool that makes life easier and relieves us of our stress as the human body is ought to be stress-free due to our fragile structure as time goes by.

Technology will & has undoubtedly left a positive and negative impact on our society, but the positive impact will make our society a sight to behold. Coming to Nigeria; as an African country is one of the most populated countries in the world with over 216.7 million people as of Statista’s 2020 census. 

Despite the mass population and thus endless potential, Nigeria is one of the countries which is least advanced in technology and it’s sad to see that we’re unbothered by it, as we focus more on our natural and mineral resources such as cocoa, groundnut and crude oil much more than technology. Focusing on our natural resources is not a problem at all but not paying maximum attention to technology is a very big deal because soon technology will take over the world and we’ll be left behind.

Technology will leave positive impacts on our society for its value cannot be over-emphasized in various applications of our life, such as the school, our homes, and even large organizations. 

Our home is a place where we perform the most activities of our lives like cooking, relaxing, and even our leisure activities and so much more to mention. Which makes the need for technology a necessity in our various homes. It will help in so many ways most especially in cooking, unlike the olden days when local means like the usage of firewood is being used to prepare different meals modern means has been adopted in this era of technology to give us a comfortable lifestyle.

IOT helps to make life easy by implementation of scanners and sensors designed to enable previously tedious or mundane tasks become a little more exciting and less burdensome.

Moving to the educational sector of our society where technology is most needed. The use of technology to impact knowledge on our children will not only make it comfortable for them but also improve their interest in learning as it will be fun and encouraging to practicalize what is being taught with the computer. Teaching and learning with technology will make students eager to know more and want to create something to develop our society because it is something we won’t be able to live without in this age and that is why its impact will bring our society to light. 

To conclude, technology is no doubt a lifesaver because it is applicable in every area of our lives as different organizations of our society use technology as a guard to their personal and confidential pieces of information. The impact of emerging technology on our society shouldn’t be underrated because the world cannot deny its incredible purposes as it has been of help in our diverse ways and routes.

Today, in addition to seeking well-rounded individuals for jobs, they must also be “computer literate.” So in this time and age, you would not dare to not take remedial classes in computer schools and get some basic tech knowledge. It’s just that important.

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