Edukoya- A Learning App for students

15th May 2022

It makes a mother happy to see her child improve academically, and it makes a father proud to see his child excel in their studies, but when their children’s academic performance is poor or low they get disheartened worried, pained, and they also question their very own upbringing as they feel they have failed as parents. Anyways, the daily enhancement of technology has brought about the launching of a new technology which is the E_learnng designed to build up students academically, and this was fully adopted in the year 2020 during and or after the COVID-19 pandemic and up till date has continued to improve the academic performance of many students nationwide.

Well, EDUKOYA is a product of these technologies. It is a digital gadget that helps in providing a means of interaction between tutors and students meant to help students prepare for their examinations. It connects African learners with digital curriculum content and on_demand teachers for real_time online classes. Undeniably, these app has impacted a lot in the lives of many students.

However, the use of this app is quite discouraged and this is because of its many disadvantages. Despite the many advantages and impact of EDUKOYA it still has a few disadvantages that tend to discourage other students from using the app some of which are mentioned below. Nevertheless, it is still amongst the top best and recommended E_learning apps. Firstly, the subscription for this app is quite expensive, causing discomfort for people mostly financially unstable parents, limiting their access to quality education online. The high cost of subscriptions dismayed people from using or even downloading the app on their mobile phones. EDUKOYA uses data for every click, leaving the parents to source money to buy data, and again displeasing the parents mostly the financially unstable ones. As if that is not enough after getting data with so much struggle, only for them to find out that they need to subscribe to gain full access or unlimited access to quality learning on the app, of which the money meant for the subscription is high, and again, they are left to hustle for money to pay for this as if the data and school fees payment is not enough. This often causes discomfort and displease for the parents, as well as great grief for the child, as he/she is left academically unstable and in most cases uneducated.


Another fly in the ointment is the unavailability of tutors that are meant to guide and teach the children, this sometimes gives the lazy students excuses to not study and or attend classes, as they cannot be punished physically by teachers. The unavailability of tutors is a sign of unseriousness and a non_chalant attitude, and it tends to annoy the parents. You can imagine after struggling to subscribe the parents end up finding out that the tutors are putting up a nonchalant attitude, it may cause the parents to withdraw their children as they feel it’s a total waste of time and resources. And also, the ads in the app are way too many and it may cause data wastage, mostly for those that only have access to a limited amount of data and or wi-fi connection.

The last which is also the most annoying of all is the time limit for tutor sessions or interaction with tutors. The students get a limited and specified amount of time with their tutors which is very discouraging. At times the students may have very important questions to ask and may be confused by all that they have learned, but before they get the chance to ask, they get cut off. The fact that they have to type their questions, answers, and other necessary details eat up the little time they have to spend with their tutors. If only they were given the option of “Voice note or voice record” to save time spent on typing, then it would be a relief, so as to help get their all answers without stress. 

I mean they should get their money’s worth_time, they should be allowed more time to absorb much information and gain as much knowledge on the discussed topic. In my opinion, EDUKOYA is a good E-learning app, but it just needs a little updating, for them to be termed the best in that way it’s a “Win-Win” for all. The following disadvantages need to be verified and taken into cognizance by the organization and other people in charge of it, in this way more improvement needs to be given to it so as to make learning better for students/participants.

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