Some emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things have the ability to make service accessible to those who have no access or limited access to Internet. For instance banking online can be a great benefit to those living in the rural area.learning online can also be of great help to kids who are not in school

Technological advancement makes it easier for you to communicate with loved ones that are not with you. It helps improve our life and makes environmental conscious choices.

Emerging technologies can be of great assistance to those who are seeking for a job. It gives us more time to focus on more high value. It also helps us to carry out an online job without moving from one country to another. For business purposes, there are several major merits to think about. Many business administration use technological solutions like application website to interview workers. It has been said that by the year 2030, over 70% of companies around the world will at least adopt one type of AI technology. When producing, robots can be used to boost productivity and increase the quality of goods, while AI technology might have been adopted to figure out the fastest shipping route and support delivery processes.

Also in some health center, robotics is also used in performing complex surgery.

Ai technology can also be used in detecting diseases such as during the covid 19 period it was used in detecting diseases.

It is also used in the agricultural aspect, where they can be used in detecting if the weather condition is suitable to increase t crop or reduce the production. As we know there disadvantages of anything we do so demerit of emerging technologies are , cyberattack,data theft, fake news e.t.c..

It increases automation of repetitive and boring tasks that will build our productivity and efficiency to work. Some emerging technologies which have been implemented by a very great speed. Technological solution will then continue to innovate our work.


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