Interswich  is one of the best tech companies in Nigeria, it is merge in both payments mad digital commerce platform company which is mainly in Lagos. The interswich was founded or brought to life in the year 2022 ( two thousand and twenty two ) in Nigeria, it is made to perform the work of conducting or making transactions changes and processing company along side national concentration.

The interswich is very open to the society, it’s industry is named Finetech, also the interswich company was brought up and founded by Michelle Elegbe who is also currently know as the Group Managing Director and the chief executive officer l, the website to be able and continuously have access to the app: interswich is, or . The company went on as an African focused and merged online payment and commerce company.

In the year 2010 ( two thousand and ten ) key members of the company were bought by one of the interswich partners: Helios Investment. In the year 2011 ( two thousand and eleven ), interswich was involved with taking a 60 percent stake in Uganda in which is Bankom.

In the year 2013 ( two thousand and thirteen ), interswich signed up into a collaboration which was for the purpose of Interswich to conduct their payment processing with the use of the Discover Financial Services. In the year 2014 ( two thousand and fourteen ), there was a high developed majority share holding in the company in Paynet which is an east African payment provider.

In the year 2015 ( two thousand and fifteen ), interswich marketed and investment endowment on the total sum of $10 million for the main purpose to create Africans start – ups in the payment area. In  February, the year 2018 ( two thousand and eighteen ) interswich revealed it’s SPAK National Science competition in order to raise and enhance the excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Nigeria.

The interswich company was made as a simple African financial service provider which also contains entirely, a vast collection of inter connected data field in Africa. This company has been able to accumulate over 11, 000 ( eleven thousand ) ATMs which is Automated Teller Machines on its site ,it has also been known that interswich is used in Nigeria more than any county in Africa which makes the larger range of users located in Nigeria. Verve is an industry that channel’s in payment of cards ( payment card),it is also another subordinate or it is a supplemental of Interswich. Verve is also marketed in Kenya. Interswich devices obtains a worldly or refined experience inter – networking protection and private networks ( which with allow or blocks ) as a simple trade mark innovation. Interswich also owns another tech app which is Quickteller, it is original purpose for it being brought to life is to serve as a Telecommunication airtime trader/ dealer/marketer or merchant, to sum up, it’s used for providing payment services.

In October 2020 the Qtrybe community marketed Quickteller. The Qtrybe community that has the sum of Fifty (50) incomparable students from the tertiary alliance in Nigeria to Perform the duties of ambassadors of both interswich and Quickteller in their seat of learning or alma- mater


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