Technology is getting more developed and people can now go online to acquire more knowledge using educational technology.

Educational technology, Edtech is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.

Falling internet cost have enabled the emergence of Edtech in Africa, while internet cost have remained high in some African countries, like Uganda, they have fallen in west Africa, the report however, highlights that there is a long way to go for Edtech in Africa, more infrastructure is needed to make Edtech readily available to more girls. Though Edtech will never replace traditional schooling, it is a complementary resource for personalized learning.

An African Edtech company has carried out a report which has identified increase in the use of technology as a learning tool is ULESSON.

Ulesson, founded by a technology industry veteran, Sim Shagaya has always been tied to digital innovation. Sim began his career consulting for digital media and online retail companies, brokering investments in Nigerian telecoms, and leading Google into sub-Saharan Africa. Sim became a household name in Nigeria and abroad after founding two of the country’s most notable digital out-of-home advertising and e-commerce brands. Now Sim is at the helm of uLesson, a company on a mission to expand access to quality education for students throughout the continent.

ULesson leverages best in class teachers, media, and technology solutions to create high-quality, affordable and accessible education for life-long learners. It is a platform that helps students to be the very best they can be, it is an app that allows them to maximize their academic achievement and prepare for a future in various disciplines and subjects.

 According to students, before the covid -19 pandemic, it was less common for children as young as secondary school level to learn online using a phone or other device, but following the global lock down, in response to the pandemic, many schools including public schools sought digital channel to help girls continue leaning at home.

Ulesson is an online leading tech instrument to complement classroom instrument, giving girls opportunity to learn at their own pace and study for critical exams.

Report shows that over half of the Ulesson learners (52%) are using the app on their own mobile phone, over (75%) of the students surveyed use Ulesson to learn about subject before they are taught in school, and also helps in WASSCE and JAMB exams.

Since its launch, uLesson has seen incredible traction from learners. In 2021, daily average users surged 430%, and live lesson demand grew by 222% since their introduction in September, 2020. The uLesson app has been downloaded two million times; 12.3m videos have been watched, and 25.6m questions have been answered.

 ULESSON has been of many benefits to stueents especially girls in the following ways,

  • It has added Flexibility and Self-Paced Learning.
  • It has helped to build better Time Management.
  • Students can now demonstrate Self-Motivation.
  • It has improved Virtual Communication and Collaboration between teachers and learners
  • It has given students a broader and Global Perspective of things
  • It has refined Critical-thinking Skills among learners
  • It has helped to acquire new Technical Skills.
  • It has helped girls to acquire better grades.

Looking at the future where physical contact between the instructor and the learner will be drastically reduced, educational technology is a way forward.





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  1. I watched an interview arise news had with the founder, Ulesson’s goal of affordable and accessible education especially at secondary education is quite interesting, I hope to see it grow to effectively reach it’s intended audience

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