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Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, quantum computing,Robotics, Machine learning, Internet of things, virtual and augmented reality to name a few have affected the way we live, work , learn, and relate with one another. International Telecommunication Union have identified that girls below Eighteen (18) years old have lesser access to digital platform than boys. Hence have fewer employment opportunities in digital economy. There is need to create a safe digital environment for girls while accessing digital tools.

The 2022 ICT day for girls tagged Access $ Safety is aimed at reducing barriers that girls encounter while connecting online.  Web Foundation survey found two key barriers that limit young women and girls to accessing the internet – their inability to connect to the internet and sharing of their private information online without their consent. One way to reduce this gender gap is to host an online Blogathon event. 

Goals of Blogathon

  • Expose girls to working in secured digital space
  • Hook up girls with tech mentors
  • Become digital literate and engage in digital economy
  • Improve their writing skills – write a stem based article
  • Develop critical reasoning
  • Work in teams

About the Event

Part 1Part 2Part 3
Schools will be selected to be part of the eventEach school will choose among selected topics to write on. You have one week to publish any number of articles. So the more the merrier.
Refrain from copying  from the web. 
This is an opportunity for students to showcase their skills and interest in their chosen topics. It is expected that schools get parents to like and comment on their pages.
1. The result will be declared online on the 20th May, 2022 @ 10:00am
2. Top three articles will be selected
3. An assured prize.
4. Best Creative content-storytelling skills
5. School Presentations
6. All articles will be rewarded by an acknowledgement certificate

Important Events and Dates and Deadlines

Important EventsDatesDeadline
Registration/Opening event10th May 2022 @ 10:00am10th May 2022
Submission11th May 202216th May 2022
Meeting with Mentors10th and 13th May 2022
Likes and comments by parents16th May 202218th May 2022
Closing event20th May 2022 @ 10:00am20th May 2022

Areas to write on

  • How can girls become secured in the digital world
  • Identify and write about any Nigerian Tech Company
  • Impact of Emerging Technology on Society
  • What can you do to create a more secured world
  • Write on any of these emerging technology – Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet of things (IOT), Fifth generation network(5G),Robotics, Biotechnology
  • Write on any idea about how you feel about any digital tool you are currently using. Do you like it? Are there anything you dislike or want changed.
  • Do you have any idea that can be solved with technology

Judging Criteria

TOPIC CONTENT (No of Points)
1Relevance of Topic Content (5)
2Originality and creativity (5)
3Credit to sources and references (4)
4Visits / Comments (3)
5Structure of blog (Paragraph, Introduction and Conclusion) (5)
6Quality of writing (Style, Clarity and Vocubulary) (4)
7Grammar, Spellings and Punctuations (4)
ORAL PRESENTATION (3-4 minutes) (10)
TOTAL (40)

Blog Mentors, Judges and Guiders


  • Alheri Osinuga
  • Toyin Obaja
  • Ifeoluwa Ewhre
  • Lucia Adegoke
  • Pamela Umeh
  • Opeyemi Kareem


  • Joan Gapsuk
  • Lucia Adegoke
  • Pamela Umeh
  • Olayemi Alimi
  • Rita Onya
  • Funmilayo Obi
  • Aisha Bantam
  • Eshi Agbadua
  • Jamil Mustapha

Guiders (Undergraduate Students)

  • Amina Abba
  • Francis Jennifer Ize
  • Jeremiah Jemima
  • Nzeamalu Nkechinyere

How do I Participate?

To enter the competition, just press the register button below.